Key Features To Remember When Designing Display Boxes For In-Store Merchandise


Display boxes make it convenient for store owners and associates to just pull your product straight from the shipping container and place it straight on the shelf for retail. When designed effectively, these boxes can be a marketing tool, attracting a customer's attention and saying a little about the product. However, these cardboard and paper display items can only be as effective as the amount of thought and consideration that is taken to design them. Here are a few key features to keep in mind as you design the display boxes for your manufactured product that will be sold in stores.

Ease of Construction Is Crucial

When you are creating your own cardboard display boxes for in-store display, you have to make sure that the boxes are simple to construct. If a display case is to complicated to assemble, it could just be tossed aside by store employees and your product will instead just be placed on store shelving. Make sure that the design you come up with is nothing too complex. In fact, it is a good idea if a store employee can pull the display right out of the box and have it assembled and ready in a matter of seconds. This is why many product manufacturers, especially those of small goods, simply place their product inside of a display box that has perforated markings for opening and simple signage already attached.

Convenience to the Customer Means A Great Deal

You have to ensure that the cardboard display boxes you design make it convenient for a potential customer to reach inside and grab your product. Avoid small openings and make sure that product containers will not have to be wrestled out of the display box in any way. The idea is that a customer should be able to see the product package clearly and be able to reach and grab it as they are passing by with little to no effort at all.

Attracting Customer Attention Takes Creative Thought

The cardboard display boxes that you design to be shown off in stores should immediately portray to the customer what they will find inside of the box. While the exterior design should be attractive to catch attention, it should also offer some information, whether it is the name of the product or a close-up image. Additionally, make sure that the display box itself directly reflects the design of the product packaging so there is never a mistake as to what display box the product came from.

When it comes down to it, cardboard display boxes can be incredibly helpful to both you and the stores where your product is placed for sale. Be sure to talk over any design features you are having difficulty implementing with the packaging manufacturer.


15 October 2015

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