Common Uses For Residential Steel


Steel is a building material that is often associated with industrial and commercial properties. However, it is also extremely useful in residential buildings. In particular, there are a few roles that steel components can play in residential buildings.


Its high strength and durability are two of the most useful and defining features of steel. This can make it an extremely effective option when you are needing to reinforce sections of the home. This can be common for instances where you are upgrading to heavier roofing material, countertops that are far heavier and other upgrades that may exceed structural limits. Prior to deciding to use the steel for this purpose, you should have a professional evaluate the area needing to be reinforced to determine the amount and type of steel reinforcement that will be needed.

Decorative Features

Individuals often assume that steel will only be needed for structurally significant upgrades. However, steel can also be used for decorative features as well. For example, it can be common for steel to be used to give a building an industrial aesthetic. Another common use for steel will be to use it for aesthetically pleasing railings and other safety features.

High-Quality Fencing

A steel fence can be one of the most secure types of fencing that you may install on your property. In addition to being extremely strong and secure, steel fencing can also be made to be very aesthetically pleasing. This is possible through there being a wide range of styles, designs and textures that can be used. For homeowners that are wanting an entirely unique fence for their property, it is possible to have a steel fence custom made to your exact design and size specifications.

Entire Buildings

There can be many reasons why you will want to add another building to your property. Whether this is for storage, making a workspace or other purposes, a structural steel building can be one of the most efficient options for making this addition. A structural steel building can usually be erected in a matter of days, and it will require minimal excavation. Structural steel can also be a very low maintenance material.

Being aware of the versatile uses of residential steel can help you in determining whether it is suitable for your needs. More specifically, you need to know that residential steel can be used for reinforcing the existing structure, adding decorative features to it, making an effective fencing material and even being used to make entire additional structures. Contact a company, like Magna Steel Sales Inc., for more information.


14 January 2019

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