Three Areas Where EDM Manufacturing Is Used


In the world of manufacturing, there are many different types of machines that are used. One of the most popular types of machining is called electrical discharge machining or EDM. This type of machining used to be used in manufacturing for making dyes, prototypes, and tools, but it has now advanced into more intricate areas. To help you understand a bit more about this type of machining and how it is currently used, this article will list some of the basic areas that it's used for. Are you ready to learn a little bit more? If so, then read on. 

The Medical Field

Many EDM manufacturing engineers use EDM technology to create medical devices such as medical-based screws for surgeries, surgical tools, transplant devices, and more. Before an engineer makes these devices for surgeons, they will go through a variety of different processes to ensure that they get it right. For instance, they will use CAD or CAM imaging to ensure that all of the measurements are right. Then, from there, they will make prototypes of it and send it off to make sure that it is exactly what is needed for the surgery. 

The Aerospace Industry

If you can imagine all of the components that go into making an airplane, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Every screw and mechanism needs to be in place so that the aircraft can withstand the pressure and crosswinds when it's in the air, in take off, or is in the process of landing. EDM manufacturing engineers use CAD and CAM imaging to create the perfect images of what airlines and aerospace engineers are looking for. Then, they will make the screws and metal components to fit just about any type of airplane component. 

The High Tech Field

The tech industry is ever-evolving and booming. When it seems like technology can't get better, it just does. Another industry that EDM manufacturing engineers work in is in the technology field. With so many changes and components in the tech industry, EDM engineers work to create unique and customized parts for a variety of different types of technical equipment. 

Learning the basics of EDM manufacturing can help you become better acquainted with a lot of the industries around you. If you want to learn more about EDM manufacturing or how to become an engineer, then reach out to some specialists near you.

For more information, contact an EDM manufacturing service in your area.


11 September 2019

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