First Article Inspection: Use It To Improve Your Products


If some of your products don't look or perform after you make them, obtain a first article inspection soon. A first article inspection can help you detect hidden flaws in the product designs, tools, and materials you use to make your products. Learn more about first article inspections and how they can make your products better below.

What Does a First Article Inspection Look For?

Every product you make in your company must meet the expectations of your clients and customers. To ensure your products meet everyone's needs, you may change your designs, drawings, or materials multiple times before you feel they're right. But if your products still fail to meet everyone's expectations, you may need first article inspection services.

A first article inspection allows you to detect, correct, or change flaws in your product designs, materials, and tools before you create your products. The inspection occurs in phases or steps. Each step allows you time to perfect your products before they reach your clients and customers. 

For example, the first step may include checking and rechecking your designs to see if they contain the right measurements or specifications. This step allows you to recalculate your measurements so that they work better for your products. Your designs may pass through multiple people during this phase.

The second step may include testing your materials to see if they fit the products' needs and functions. If your materials don't improve the strength or quality of your products, you can switch to a supplier that offers more effective materials for your goods.

If you think a first article inspection will improve the quality of your products, schedule an inspection today.

How Do You Schedule an Inspection?

You'll need to contact a second- and third-party company to conduct a first article inspection for you. A company will need to see several things when they visit your business, including:

  • copies of your original product designs
  • list of your current suppliers
  • list of product recalls or other documents about your products

A company will use the data above to set up and carry out your inspection. If you possess any other information or documents about products, such as consumer reviews, give it to an inspection company as well.

It may take time to complete your first article inspection. A company will discuss the inspection length and other details during the visit.

Learn how you can use a first article inspection to improve your products by contacting a first article inspection company today.


31 March 2022

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